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Art and Science of the Land: Week 6 & 7

10/16/2018 Mid-semester campfire Before enjoying a campfire with our families and fellow homeschoolers, we continued our lesson on leaves.  With fall colors starting to show we started with  Continue Reading »

Milkweed Boats-Forest Dreamers Tuesday/Thursday

Fall is officially here! We arrived this morning with a chill in the air and decided it was a perfect day to make some hot tea. It would  Continue Reading »

To the Races! Monday/Wednesday Forest Dreamers

On of the best things about being outside and experiencing the changes in the seasons is witnessing new things daily. Today, we chased the sunshine out of the  Continue Reading »

Story Circle

Salamanders and things! We come together with ideas for our Forest Dreamer friends each class but have no set plan.  This way, our friends can really control how  Continue Reading »