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A Delightfully Drizzly Week

As the air slightly cooled  and the rain gently fell this week, the Forest Dreamers had their first taste of Irvine on a rainy day! Its always nice  Continue Reading »

Biomimicry: Chlorophyll Art and Beehives

Tuesday, October 3rd 2017 Where do leaves get their color?  Why do they change color in the fall?  What is chlorophyll and what does it do for a  Continue Reading »

Catch, Release, Combine and Create!

Forest Dreamers have been perfecting their observational skills this week. We’ve kept a sharp eye out for any thing that hops! We have visited some of our favorite  Continue Reading »

Insects and Invertebrates

Hello Earth Friends STEM! We had a great week exploring the differences between insects and arachnids! An insect has three body segments: the head, thorax and abdomen. An arachnid has two  Continue Reading »