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Fire, Shelter and Warmth in Winter

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! With the temperatures dropping, the winds picking up and a few snow flurries, this was the perfect week to talk about how to stay warm in the  Continue Reading »

Biomimicry: Say It Like A Bat

3/6/2018 Today was a chilly day, with snow falling (that quickly was named “Snailing” because it seemed like a weird snow/hail mix, not quite snow, not quite hail).   Continue Reading »

Magical Maple Meetings

Forest Dreamers have returned for the Spring! And just in time to experience the magic of the maple syrup season. Ms. Tara and Mr. Travis loved meeting and  Continue Reading »

Biomimicry: Maple Sugaring and Celery Stalks

Welcome back to Biomimicry!  In this homeschool class we learn about how plants and animals have inspired technologies and ideas that help people live better and sometimes even  Continue Reading »