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Final Goodbyes

We can’t believe that Spring season of Forest Dreamers has officially come to an end! We have had so much fun watching all of our Forest Dreamers grow,  Continue Reading »

Biomimicry: Campfires and Celebration

Week 12 – 5/29/2018 Today was the long awaited individual campfires day.  So far this semester the weather hasn’t been on our side for campfires, it’s either been  Continue Reading »

‘Leafing’ for Summer!

This week we celebrated the Forest Dreamers and everything they have learned this semester! We have had such a great time this season exploring, observing, discovering, laughing, meeting  Continue Reading »

Biomimicry: Decomposers and Recycling

5/15/2018 Have you ever eaten muscles before?  Most people go to the store or seafood market to buy them already pre-plucked from their rocky homes.  In the wild,  Continue Reading »