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Art & Science of the Land: Week 12

5/21/2019 Today we finished talking about our last land artist of the semester, Jayson Fann.  Jayson Fann builds large scale bird nests.  These nests are so large that  Continue Reading »

Rainy Days and Pond Play!- Forest Dreamers Monday/Wednesday

Rainy Play at the Native American Site Monday was our first rainy day in a while! The children showed up dressed in their rain gear ready to explore  Continue Reading »

Art & Science of the Land Weeks 10 & 11

Week 10: 5/7/19 Today we started a new experiment with plants and nitrogen.  A few weeks ago during our citizen science project where we examined the health of  Continue Reading »

Forest Dreamers! Animals and Plants

Animals around Irvine! All spring, our Forest Dreamers have been exploring Irvine discovering the different animals in the different habitats! This week, we have included a glimpse of  Continue Reading »