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Art & Science of the Land Weeks 10 & 11

Week 10: 5/7/19 Today we started a new experiment with plants and nitrogen.  A few weeks ago during our citizen science project where we examined the health of  Continue Reading »

Forest Dreamers! Animals and Plants

Animals around Irvine! All spring, our Forest Dreamers have been exploring Irvine discovering the different animals in the different habitats! This week, we have included a glimpse of  Continue Reading »

Nurseries for the Babies! Forest Dreamers Tuesday/Thursday

Our Snail Nursery! Spring brings so many new changes to Irvine. One of our new favorite places to visit is the snail nursery. At first, we didn’t know  Continue Reading »

Art & Science of the Land: Week 9

4/30/2019 Today we finished learning about Richard Shilling and his amazing ephermeral artwork.  Our focus today was creating a piece of art inspired by one of his art  Continue Reading »