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Week 11 Forest Dreamers! 11-20-19

December 4, 2019 - Forest Dreamers

Welcome families! In week 11 of Forest Dreamers we roamed back to the Native American site. We started our day with our morning circle! Today we had chocolate scented play dough to create sculptures and story stones to create elaborate tales! We had a lot of fun creating different animals and telling stories about a turtle… Read more »

That’s a Wrap!! Forest Dreamers Irvine Style

June 10, 2019 -

What an AWESOME year as Forest Dreamers! We were able to experience every season on the trails and witness the changes at Irvine over the past year! WOW!! We had a fantastic group of children that have a love and curiosity about nature that I hope they carry into their adult lives! Tuesday/Thursday Forest Dreamer… Read more »

Art & Science of the Land: Week 12

May 23, 2019 -

5/21/2019 Today we finished talking about our last land artist of the semester, Jayson Fann.  Jayson Fann builds large scale bird nests.  These nests are so large that people can climb into them like a tree house.  Some of them are so big they weigh over 10,000 pounds and are multiple stories tall!  Here is… Read more »

Rainy Days and Pond Play!- Forest Dreamers Monday/Wednesday

May 20, 2019 -

Rainy Play at the Native American Site Monday was our first rainy day in a while! The children showed up dressed in their rain gear ready to explore and play. We spent some time in the outdoor classroom following the water as it trickled down the rocky path. The children were disappointed that the runoff… Read more »

Art & Science of the Land Weeks 10 & 11

May 16, 2019 -

Week 10: 5/7/19 Today we started a new experiment with plants and nitrogen.  A few weeks ago during our citizen science project where we examined the health of a pond at Irvine, we learned about Nitrates and how they affect water quality.  Nitrogen naturally occurs in our environment, existing in the air we breathe, soil… Read more »

Forest Dreamers! Animals and Plants

May 12, 2019 -

Animals around Irvine! All spring, our Forest Dreamers have been exploring Irvine discovering the different animals in the different habitats! This week, we have included a glimpse of what we might see each class. With all the rain, the tracks have been in abundance! This week, we saw squirrel, raccoon, deer, fox (most likely), and… Read more »

Nurseries for the Babies! Forest Dreamers Tuesday/Thursday

May 9, 2019 -

Our Snail Nursery! Spring brings so many new changes to Irvine. One of our new favorite places to visit is the snail nursery. At first, we didn’t know what we had in the streams. We realized that we were seeing a lot of “gel-like blobs” on the bottoms of rocks. Upon researching further, we discovered… Read more »

Art & Science of the Land: Week 9

May 7, 2019 -

4/30/2019 Today we finished learning about Richard Shilling and his amazing ephermeral artwork.  Our focus today was creating a piece of art inspired by one of his art pieces pictured below called “Heard Through the Grapevine.”  For our art we didn’t use grapevine but we did use non-native plant vine called Oriental Bittersweet.  Since last… Read more »

Far off Places!- Forest Dreamers Monday/Wednesday

May 5, 2019 -

Duck Pond or Tent?!? As we approach May, our Forest Dreamers have a good knowledge of Irvine’s property and map reading! The weather was cool and overcast so we presented two choices to the children and allowed them to cast THEIR vote! Today, we offered the duck pond and the tent. Each child grabbed some… Read more »