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Week 11 Forest Dreamers! 11-20-19

December 4, 2019 - Forest Dreamers

Welcome families! In week 11 of Forest Dreamers we roamed back to the Native American site. We started our day with our morning circle! Today we had chocolate scented play dough to create sculptures and story stones to create elaborate tales! We had a lot of fun creating different animals and telling stories about a turtle who was friends with a snake.

After making our snacks and hitting the bathrooms, the forest dreamers sang our morning song.

Our plan for the day was to try to hike all the way to hawk meadow, some of our friends didn’t want to walk that far so we decided to head out and see where we end up!

Halfway to the pollinator meadow we took a pit stop at the climbing tree! Our whole class fit on the tree! It was awesome to see everyone taking turns and being patient. This was a great way to practice our balance and agility skills.

We made it down the hill and onto the “troll” bridge for snack! We continued down the trail after snack and stopped to swing on vines at the top of the mulch pile. This was more fun than a jungle gym!

At the native American site we gathered around the fire circle and listened to the Nisqually story “Loo-wit the Fire Keeper”. Students listened while drinking apple cider tea and then continued their favorite predator vs. prey games. Long house and Wigwams were used as shelters for baby tigers and “tiger eggs”. Wild play and exploration continued until it was time to return to the Nature Center.