Early Childhood Education Programs

Little Birds

(Caregiver & Child Classes for ages birth to 3)

Little Birds Classes give your little one the chance to meet new animal friends, create nature crafts, sing songs, and explore outside. Perfect for parents, grandparents, nannies, and other caregivers who are seeking a unique and meaningful experience.

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Nature Preschool

(Nature-based classes for children age 3 to 5)

Our award winning, accredited preschool program helps children develop a foundation of academic skills through encounters in the natural world. We believe that empathy, love, curiosity, and respect are the truest foundation of learning.

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Forest Dreamers

(Immersive forest experience for ages 4 to 6)

Rooted in the European Forest Kindergarten model, Irvine’s Forest Dreamers program offers children a rare opportunity for an entirely outdoor learning experience. Children develop deep respect for the natural world as they explore and learn across our 210 acres.

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Earth Friends

(Outdoor learning for ages 5 to 14)

Irvine’s Earth Friends program offers an immersive outdoor learning experience for homeschool/unschooling families. We provide a tailored approach to learning for each student, and documentation for their home school portfolio.

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What Families Are Saying

We couldn’t ask for a more amazing place for our son to start his schooling.  Your kind and welcoming approach has made such a lasting impact.  You have taught him how to embrace nature and respect his environment in a whole new and exciting way.  His first year was filled with wonder, love and friendship, and he cannot wait for next year.

Jackie, Bryan, and Christina Cimorelli, Nature Preschool Parents