Our Staff

Our Staff

Adam Powell


Alexia Savold

Assistant Director of The Nature Preschool

Andrea Burch

Office Manager

Arpa Hartoni

Early Childhood Educator

Aubrey Calderon

Early Childhood Educator

Brittany Roger

Manager of School Programs

Brooks Paternotte

Executive Director

Cathy Rose

Director of Finance

Cecelia Boynton

Visitor Services and Environmental Educator

Claire McMahon

Visitor Services

Dr. Clare Walker

Manager of Public Programs/Master Naturalist

Colby Warner

Manager of Nature Camps

Courtney Sagal

Deputy Director

Cristina Lorenzo-Seda

Early Childhood Educator

Elizabeth Swarm Cook

Associate Director of Development/Grant Writer

Emilie Gitter

Environmental Educator

Emily Bass

Early Childhood Educator

Emily Ludy

Manager of Afterschool Programs

Emily Macenko

Development Associate

Emma Slyker

Early Childhood Educator

Genevieve Green

Digital Content Creator

Jack Fromm

IT Coordinator

Jamie St. Onge

Visitor Services Coordinator

Jessica Moran

Manager of Rentals

Katie Remenapp

Director of Development

Katie Rooney

Director of Early Childhood Education Programs

Kristen Cooper

Director of Marketing and Communications

Kyle Gillen

Natural Resource Manager

Laura Ferrara

Education Administrative Assistant

Madison Miller

Early Childhood Educator

Mallory Mlynarek

Animal Care Manager

Nettie Washburn

Woodland Garden Assistant

Priscila Andrade

Early Childhood Educator

Rebecca Sparks

Manager of Volunteer Services, Tales & Tails Leader

Sara Haviland

Birthday Party Leader, Environmental Educator

Stephanie Holzman

Head of Homeschool Programs

Wendy Braswell

Rental Assistant

“Irvine has been my favorite place I have ever worked. My co-workers are incredibly hardworking, helpful, and dedicated to our mission.  My supervisors are always supportive, very understanding, and provide great opportunities. It has been absolutely inspiring to see how our team manages to work together with so many moving pieces to make all our different programs happen. Plus, Irvine is just an awesome place in general. I love coming to work at such a beautiful location each day. I have been at Irvine for a year and a half, and I’m looking forward to many more years to come.” -Jensen Hufnagel, Office Manager