Programs for Adult and Teens

Art in Nature

For centuries, nature with its ever-changing seasonal backdrop and infinite hues on its palette, has served as perhaps the greatest source of artistic inspiration and creativity. Whether with pen, brush, or camera in hand, learn to document the natural wonders around you and to express how nature speaks to you.  Explore how nature itself can be both the subject and the media of artistic expression.

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Health and Wellness

Who doesn’t need a little TLC? Let’s work together to create resiliency, better habits, and novel ways to reconnect with nature and each other so that we feel stronger in both mind and body. Come explore a variety of outdoor classes and workshops, all designed to take advantage of nature’s healing powers while Training you to lead a Lifestyle of self Care.

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Nature Exploration

Always wished to be better versed on local wildflowers, birdsongs, or insects that live in your garden? Now is the time to increase your fluency in ‘Speaking nature’; it has vocabulary all its own and terminology differences can be subtle. Immersing oneself in the careful study of a group of organisms can be calming, teach patience, and create greater awareness.

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Eat, Drink and Learn Speaker Series

After a year-long shift to virtual lectures, we are returning to in-person events! With fascinating topics ranging from the eastward expansion of coyotes to the increasing hardships faced by migratory shorebirds, you will not want to miss this year’s fabulous slate of expert speakers from all over the Mid-Atlantic. Enjoy the camaraderie of sharing the beverage du jour and a sumptuous catered dinner with both old friends and new green-minded neighbors prior to each memorable educational program. Sign up for one or more; receive a discount for attending all seven E,D,&L’s.

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Community Outreach

Schedule time for Irvine’s Environmental Educators to come to your organization to teach you more about our natural world. Whether you’re looking for an exciting animal visitor for your next staff meeting or office event or an educational session at your garden club or senior center, Irvine can bring the fun and learning to you.

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