Weekend Programs

Weekend Programs

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Youth and Family Programs

Prom the Luna Moth to the Bumblebee, Maryland’s smallest animals can sometimes bring the biggest colors. Join Irvine naturalist Brittany (a MICA-trained artist!) and a collection of colorful insects for a morning of painting. Each young artist will get to paint an insect on a small mirror to bring home. This is a DROP-OFF program and is intended for young adults, ages 10+. All levels of experience encouraged – novice to proficient!

Instructor: Brittany Roger, Environmental Educator & MICA-trained Artist
Saturday, September 9th
Cost: $20/participant
Pre-registration Required – MUST REGISTER by 12PM on Fri, 9/8.

Have fun outside and learn the about foods all around us with the family. Join us to explore some fall fruits like pawpaw that are tasty or useful and ones that we need to beware of. Unfortunately, children often try dangerous berries because they don’t learn the difference – in this class, we will learn how to stay safe!  On a short hike we will see, smell, and feel to make sure we can correctly identify plants. This program is intended for families with children ages 6+. 

Instructor: Dr. Clare Walker, Master Naturalist
Saturday, September 16th
Cost: $8/participant or $24/family
Pre-registration encouraged, walk-ups welcome if space allows.

*ANIMAL ART: LEARN TO PAINT FUR – for children and adults
Join MICA-trained artist and Irvine naturalist Brittany for a morning of painting animals! Fur can be a challenging texture to capture. In this two-hour lesson, we’ll practice using acrylic paints and take relaxing breaks to meet a real bunny, opossum, and study Irvine’s taxidermy. Participants will take home new skills with the brush and maybe a finished painting. Parents are welcome to participate with their child or DROP-OFF and go. Class is intended for ages 6+. All levels of experience encouraged – novice to proficient!

Instructor: Brittany Roger, Environmental Educator & MICA-trained Artist
Saturday, October 7th
1:00-3:00PM (NEW TIME)
Cost: $20/participant
Pre-registration encouraged.

Enjoy the opportunity to explore Irvine’s grounds at dusk while seeing and listening to native woodland critters! Join Naturalist Paige at the tent for a brief introduction followed by an hour hike and S’mores! Please wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of water. This program is intended for families with children ages 3+. 

Instructor: Paige Vance, Environmental Educator
Saturday, October 7th
Cost: $10/individual or $30/family
Pre-registration required by noon.

Please join us as we celebrate Irvine’s Reptiles for International Reptile Awareness Week. You will learn about different reptiles and what makes them so unique. We will also be handling some of our reptiles up-close while learning about their benefits in nature. This program is intended for children ages 5+. 

Instructor: Paige Vance, Environmental Educator
Saturday, October 14th
Cost: $10/child (accompanying adult is free)
Pre-registration required by 10/13 at 12pm.

Join us for some seasonal family fun! Watch the sun set and full moon rise over the meadow at Irvine. Start with a guided hike to the barn firepit while enjoying the peace of Irvine at dusk. Then enjoy s’mores and some slightly scary seasonal stories around the fire as we watch the moon rise. Please be aware that we will start the program promptly to not miss the moon rising. Meet by the main entrance to Exhibit Hall. Dress for the weather. Bring a flashlight for the guided walk back to the parking lot, as it will be dark (we will have some to borrow). This program is intended for families with children ages 6+. 

Instructor: Dr. Clare Walker, Master Naturalist
Saturday, October 28th
Cost: $10/individual or $30/family
Pre-registration required, walk-ups welcome is space allows.

Visit Irvine’s Native American Educational Site to learn more about Maryland’s first people. Learn about pre-colonial culture of the Eastern Woodland Indians with hands-on activities and demonstrations of traditional skills while exploring the longhouse and wigwams. Grind corn, throw an atlatl, try your hand at starting a friction fire, make cordage, a buckskin bracelet and more. American Indians have made, and continue to make, lasting contributions to our nation in every arena. Help celebrate their achievements and learn about just some of their history in Maryland.

Please note: Irvine’s Native American Educational Site is a 15-minute walk from the parking lot. Guided hikes to the site will be provided at 10:15, 11:30, and 1pm but the route will also be clearly marked for self-guided access. For those with limited mobility, transportation to the site can be arranged with advance notice. This program is intended for all ages (best for 6+).

Instructor: Irvine’s Environmental Educators
Sunday, November 5th
Cost: $15/participant OR $40/family
Ticket prices include a donation to the Baltimore American Indian Center.
Limited space, pre-registration encouraged. Walk-ups welcome, if space allows.

Ignore the mall and take a chance to stretch your legs after all that food. Hike with Irvine naturalist Clare on a scavenger hunt for hidden animals. Then gather round a campfire to toast some s’mores, enjoy some hot chocolate, and listen to a traditional Thanksgiving story. Dress for the weather with good shoes. This program is intended for families with children ages 4+. 

Instructor: Dr. Clare Walker, Master Naturalist
Friday, November 24th
Cost: $8/individual or $35/family
Pre-registration encouraged, walk-ups welcome.

Irvine Nature Center presents HOLIDAYS WITH HOOT – a fun, nature-based holiday event. Celebrate the season at this delightful morning of family activities. Meet our animal ambassador owls and learn more about these amazing birds up close. Create crafts and play games inspired by nature. Use your eagle-eyes on a scavenger hunt. Enjoy hot chocolate around a campfire and get pictures with Irvine’s special ambassador: HOOT!

This is a great program for families of all ages. 

Instructor: Irvine’s Environmental Educators
Saturday, December 9th
10:00AM – 12:00PM
Early Bird Price: $10 per child, or $15 per child if purchased after 12/1/23 (Adults and children under 2 are free)

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