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Week 5! Thursday Forest Dreamers 3.12.2020

March 19, 2020 - Forest Dreamers

In last weeks Forest Dreamer class, students learned all about watershed ecosystems! The day started in the glen with games, drawing, nature artifact collection, and observation of our local field mouse nest! Our destination today was the headwater stream. For many of us this was a new location to explore.

 On our hike to the stream students noticed different types of lichen growing on fallen branches and animal holes of all sizes in the ground and under tree stumps. We ate snack on trail while listening to the native story “The Woman Who Married a Frog” and reminded the dreamers to stay aware of springs recent gifts. While exploring the creek we had to be on the look out for frog/salamander/toad eggs, tadpoles, crayfish, and tiny minnows.

 Students were given nets and clear containers as tools for scientific observation. Observation transformed into a creative factory of rock paintings and mud recipes! Today was a big day for practicing our balance and coordination on rocks as well as working on staying together as a group.

After hiking back to Irvine, we sang our goodbye song and each shared one word to describe our day. We even had time to play two games of camoflauge! The dreamers are beginning to master the art of blending in to their enviroment. Overall, it was a very fun day filled with imaginative play, and naturalism in action!