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Week 2! Wednesday Forest Dreamers 2-19-2020

February 25, 2020 - Forest Dreamers

In our second week of Forest Dreamers, students explored one of their favorite destinations, the Native American site! Our morning started with a drawing exercise of bark rubbings and drawing your favorite ecosystem. After singing our morning song and creating our trail snacks, the forest dreamers started hiking towards our final destination.

Along the way we collected fuel for a fire and heard a story about tracking deer. Today we hiked through the forest, past the gazebo, down the pollinator meadow, over the bridge, past the seven trunk sycamore and into the Native American Site.

Once we arrived our friends all helped to make a fire and we investigated Salamander eggs that were laid in a log! Soon we began snack time and listened to a silly story about the best pie in the world! We also read the story “Where the Wild Things Are”.

For the rest of the day our group explored the Native American site, climbing vines, jumping on mulch piles, hiding in wig-wams, tending to the fire and playing predator vs. prey games. Finally the dreamers hiked back to the Nature Center and for our closing circle we retold the story of our day by remembering each landmark we visited.