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Week 3 Wednesday Forest Dreamers! 2-25-2020

March 3, 2020 - Forest Dreamers

The third week of Forest Dreamers was a day full of exploring the unknown! Our group traveled deeper into Irvine’s property than ever before! We started our morning with mud painting! We saw beautiful art made with all the different shades of mud. Our friends also worked together to build structures like a fort and a ladder out of logs. After our morning song and making snack, we traveled towards the pollinator meadow.

We took a short cut through the tall grass and milkweed to get to the Native American Site. Students ate snack around the fire circle and listened to the story “Raccoon Moon”, we learned a lot about a Raccoon’s life cycle through this book. Next our group took on the challenge of wandering past the ‘scat alley’ boardwalk and into the back meadow.

We have never been this far away from the nature center with this group! the Forest Dreamers followed sounds of spring peepers croaking, hoping to find a pond. We found cool feathers and lots of scat, but no pond. We did find a nice area that looked like an animal’s home that students explored and climbed for the end of class! Then we started the long hike back to Irvine. We hiked 2.5 miles this day! Our Forest Dreamers are amazing!