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Week 12 Forest Dreamers! 12-04-19

December 12, 2019 - Forest Dreamers

Good Morning to all the dreamers and their families!

In week 12 of class we dove into the mystery of animal tracks! Our morning activity included drawing tracks, guessing which tracks belong to which animals and using track stamps! We discussed clues that can be used to distinguish each animals footprint and cadence. To warm up our bodies some of us played a racing game where each student embodied an animal and had to walk like the animal to the finish line!

After getting our snacks to together, singing the morning song and of course checking on the mouse nest in our shed, we voted on where we want to go. Many students wanted to go deep into the woods, but our time on this day did not allow for such a long wander so we compromised on the meadows around the old barn.

Our class hiked to the old barn and ate snack on one of our favorite spots, the hay wagon! During snack we drank tea and heard the story “Stranger in the Woods” which is all about winter time and observing animals! Our group loves animals so much that we tried a new game called fire in the forest! Each student chooses an animal and tries not to get caught as they escape the forest fire as different animal facts are shouted out. This was a great way to learn about characteristics and behaviors of different animals.

All around the meadow, the old barn and the trail we hunted for tracks! We noticed that there were more around water or in mud. We also learned that tracks are not just footprints! Scratch marks, broken twigs, bits of fur, blood and even scat can be used to track an animal!

On our hike back up the hill students created a new game of questions that helps us get to know each other even more. Silly ‘This or That’ questions are asked all the way up the hill and we ended the day with full hearts and smiles!

Stay tuned for our final newsletter of the season!