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Week 5! Wednesday Forest Dreamers 3.11.2020

March 18, 2020 - Forest Dreamers

We started last Tuesdays Forest Dreamers class with glen exploration. Students observed our local field mouse nest, played Mr.Fox and continued to construct a ladder for tree climbing.

On this day we decided to hike back towards the “fox scat” boardwalk and explore a new area by the creek. Along the way the dreamers noticed a strange small tree, with thorns sticking out of its bark! We identified it as Devils Walking Stick or Devils Club.

Before heading to “Cliff Creek” we ate snack on the wooden boardwalk and listened to two stories, The Hunter and the Fox and Turtle Races Bear.

 As a group, we followed deer trails through brush and arrived at Cliff Creek! To access the creek we had to slide down a muddy bank.

Since spring is arriving we were on high alert for Frog eggs, Tadpoles, Salamanders and Crayfish. We practiced navigating the mud and slippery rocks as well as using nets and collecting containers for scientific observation.

Both students and teachers ended the day covered in mud! This is a sign of a successful day at Irvine!