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Week 1! Thursday Forest Dreamers 2/13/2020

February 19, 2020 - Forest Dreamers

Our First day of Forest Dreamers was filled with adventure and wonderful observations of nature. The students started the day with magnifying glass exploration, viewing the forest from a different perspective. Our friends then gathered together to sing our morning song and after we made our trail snacks! Both of these will be part of our daily ritual.

We wandered down the trail towards the pollinator meadow and made lots of observations on the way. We spotted slug bubbles, rain drops decorating twigs, animal holes, a squirrel drey, bird houses and smelled some spice bush! At the Gazebo we rested and ate snack. At snack we heard a silly story about a Raccoon Burglar and then all of our friends got the chance to share a story of their own!

Our group continued towards the pollinator meadow and sat inside our wildlife blind. We practiced being very stealthy and silent so that we could watch birds eat from the feeders. We saw and heard a lot of Black Capped Chickadees. Our class then wandered back towards the aviary where we got the chance to observe Irvine’s Raptors! We saw a barred owl, great horned owl, red tailed hawk, red shouldered hawk and a kestrel!

Finally our day ended with some time for wild play in the outdoor classroom and singing our goodbye song! We had a great day getting to meet new friends and exploring the forest.