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Week 1! Wednesday Forest Dreamers 2/12

February 18, 2020 - Forest Dreamers

Hello Forest Dreamer Families! Our class had a wonderful first day of Nature school! Our morning started with some wild play. We climbed trees, built log forts and played “Mr. Fox”. Then our students began their morning routine of making their snack and singing our morning song. Our goal for the day was to look out for a particular plant that has recently popped up through the mud. It’s weird looking, it’s stinky, it’s skunk cabbage!

We headed out to find a muddy area, and on the way stopped at Vine Valley. This is one of the favorite spots of some of our returning students. In vine valley we ate snack and listened to a story about sit spots and spotting beavers! After snack, exploration in the form of climbing, jumping, and imagination games like house and animal pack erupted!

Our friends continued down Bauer road on our skunk cabbage search. We noticed a small creek off trail and passed through brambles in order to find an abundance of purple and green skunk cabbage! We also had a lot of fun exploring a tunnel and almost too much fun when we got wet and cold.

This was good experience to teach us about knowing our limits while playing in water, and making decisions that will keep you warm, dry, and overall more content. To end the day we had our closing circle. Looking forward to exploring deeper and deeper into Irvine’s land in upcoming weeks!