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Week 4! Wednesday Forest Dreamers 3.4.2020

March 10, 2020 - Forest Dreamers

Greetings from the Forest!

In Forest Dreamers Week 4, the students impressed us with their curiosity and stamina! We once again hiked out down Bauer Road, past the Native American Site, over the boardwalk and into the duck pond meadow. Before starting our hike, students doodled and practiced building in the Glen and we sang our morning song.

We stopped to eat snack on the boardwalk, and listened to the story “Sky Woman and Earth on Turtles Back”. Our friends helped us trim back an invasive plant called Privet. They were each given scissors to cut the stems and act as forest stewards. Removing this privet will allow native plants such as Spice bush to move into their place. While investigating the creek near the boardwalk, we found piles of deer fur and great climbing trees.

After snack our group hiked to Old Spur Trail and voted on which way to go. We decided to revisit the cool area we found last week: Vulture Hollow. Inside of this area we found, bones, blue feathers, oak galls, snail shells and more! Some of us played wolf family/vulture family games and practiced sneaking and climbing. At the end of the day we followed the same trail back to the nature center.