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Week 4! Thursday Forest Dreamers 3.5.2020

March 11, 2020 - Forest Dreamers

Greetings from the forest!

In week 4 of Forest Dreamers we explored the ecosystems of the vine forest and the swamp! We started our day in the glen with a mud painting activity! Some of climbed or built with logs while we made our snacks, and then the dreamers sang their morning song.

On this day we hiked towards “Vine Valley”, we ate snack on top of a huge log pile/mulch pile and heard the story “Spring Defeats Winter” and the story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” after snack our friends explored this undiscovered area! We practiced our agility and climbing skills by balancing on logs and using vines to climb! Some of our friends climbed high up in trees using vines as steps. Students built forts out of sticks as well as making tiny fairy homes! Soon we decided to wander deeper into the forest into the swamp land.

Our class could tell that we were getting close to the swamp when we started smelling the stinky skunk cabbage! We found nearby tree hollows that could be animal homes and even found a few deer bones.  A huge downed tree acted as our balance beam to further practice our coordination. We investigated the swamp until it was time to head back for pick-up.  We all walked back to Irvine and experimented with storytelling through story stones for our final activity.