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Week 2! Thursday Forest Dreamers 2-20-20

February 26, 2020 - Forest Dreamers

In Forest Dreamer’s week 2 students discovered new trails, new games and new friends! Our morning started with a drawing provocation of leaf and bark rubbings or free draw. Other students practiced climbing, balancing and collecting nature artifacts around the Glen. After making our trail snack bags and singing our morning song we headed out on trail!

 On the way our friends spotted a fresh deer track in the mud! As a group we mapped out the path we took last week. This time we walked through the woodland garden, past the gazebo and down the pollinator meadow to our new snack spot! Here we ate snack and heard the story “Coyote Places the Stars”. After the story, our forest dreamers learned a new game called Camouflage. Similar to hide and seek but involves blending in with your environment and being very stealthy. The students loved this game and we played many rounds of it in the tall grass.

Finally we wandered back up the pollinator meadow and into the outdoor classroom for imagination and agility play. We baked, cooked, made perfume, mined for sugar and climbed all over the place!