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Biomimicry: Meadow Quest

11/28/2017 Today was all about exploring some of the meadows of Irvine that we haven’t had a chance to hike through.  We started at the Gazebo with snack  Continue Reading »

Teachin’ with Tools!

Without tools, Irvine would just be a giant, untamed forest. There would be no trails, no trail signs, no building, parking lot or outdoor classroom! To make all  Continue Reading »

Thankful From the Water to the Sky!

This week was a mixed bag- we have been following our interests as a class like we always do. Our Monday/Wednesday friends talked about the sky, while our  Continue Reading »

Biomimicry: The Fire Challenge

11/14/17 Today it was really cold and breezy.  It might have reached 45 degrees but with the wind it felt much colder!  We all had cold hands, faces  Continue Reading »