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All Aboard! Tuesday/Thursday Forest Dreamers

 Boats and Dams We have explored many places at Irvine but we still had one special stream destination left! We pulled out our Irvine map and checked out  Continue Reading »

Streams and Things- Monday/Wednesday Forest Dreamers

Log rolling…city dwelling! This week our Forest Dreamer friends had a hard time getting out of the Glen…and for good reason. We began our class at the sitting  Continue Reading »

Art & Science of the Land: Week 4

10/2/2018 Today we explored more of the science aspect of our class, learning more about the life cycle of the milkweed plant, experimenting with water flow by building  Continue Reading »

Rocks and Meadows

Rock Painters! Today we were determined to make it to the stream with the intention of dam building and exploration! At the gazebo, we decided to play a  Continue Reading »