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Seasonal Story Mapping

Highlights from this week: ~Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen was inspiration for dramatic play, storytelling, and exploring landscape features. Tall wavy grass, deep cold river,  Continue Reading »

Winter Warmth

  Winter Warmth Do you know what animals do to stay warm in winter? The students at The Nature Preschool do! Hibernate, migrate, adapt! We think that’s also  Continue Reading »

Living Off of the Land Week 12

Today was the day we planned on finding the elusive wild persimmon tree.  Here is a link to learn more about the wild persimmon.  It kind of reminds  Continue Reading »

Forest Dreamers Go Into Hibernation!

What a wonderful week it has been at the creek! Our whole week focused around the creek and its muddy majestic-ness! From straining to sliding to moss covered  Continue Reading »