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Earth Friends: Living Off of The Land: Week 1!

  We had an awesome first week with the Earth Friends: Living Off of The Land class! After waving the parents goodbye, we headed to the gazebo to  Continue Reading »

Late Summer Treasures

From muddy puddles to clear blue skies, it has been a gorgeous week in the Nature Preschool!  Late summer treasures were the favorite topic of the preschool classes- the preschoolers took  Continue Reading »

Looking a Little Closer…

This week in Forest Dreamers, we took a closer look at some of the wonder around us! It can be pretty fun to run through the trails as  Continue Reading »

Second Week Stride

Summer has started to show signs it is coming to an end. Thankfully, our year at Nature Preschool is just beginning! The classes quickly found their stride and  Continue Reading »