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Living Off of the Land Week 10

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Everyone!  We hope everyone had a fulfilling holiday full of food, family and fun.  Here at Irvine on the 14th we started our class with  Continue Reading »

Living Off of The Land Week 9

Although we normally start with a check in circle, it is more important to read the energy of the group to decide what to do. Thusly, we decided  Continue Reading »

Forest Explorers Week 7

Week 7! After our check in circle, we headed towards the Bauer Preserve to harvest some of the last Autumn Olive berries! Its amazing how there are certain  Continue Reading »

Living Off of The Land Week 7

Week 7! After checking in, and stopping to check out some salamanders near the gazebo, we headed towards the vernal wetlands. Once we got to the access road,  Continue Reading »