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Unusual Sightings

February 13, 2021 -

Bottom line, regardless of the reason, anytime people head outdoors to look for and appreciate nature, it’s a good thing. The social-distancing required to fight the worldwide pandemic over these… Read more »

Random Musings II

January 25, 2021 -

Now You See It; now you don’t   It certainly didn’t take long for frustrated environmentalists to feel grateful for the new administration in Washington. On Joe Biden’s first day… Read more »

Wanna Get Away?

December 16, 2020 -

As I sit by my living room window, snowflakes the size of teacup saucers fill my view, making it difficult to see buildings just a few doors down. Our bird-feeding… Read more »

Oh, Deer! Drive Extra Carefully!

October 29, 2020 -

COVID-19 fatigue setting in?  Waning daylight bringing you down?  Feel like you’re in a rut? Well, you’re not alone. The same can be said for the entire population of about… Read more »