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The Perfect Storm . . . A Decades-Long Barrage of Stressors

August 29, 2020 -

How many times recently have you heard someone declare how badly they want 2020 to be over? Unless you’re the human equivalent of Eeyore and a true glutton for punishment, this year has been one nightmare after another, and it has dampened the collective mood all around the globe. The narrative of this year has… Read more »

On the Cusp of an Irruption

August 23, 2020 -

The Red-breasts are coming!   The Red-breasts are coming! With the temperature pushing 90o again, it’s difficult to even begin to think about winter wildlife, but, thanks to a surprise encounter yesterday, I have begun doing just that.  My son and I took an enjoyable hike yesterday morning on one of our favorite wooded trails in… Read more »

Family Entertainment for the Dog Days

August 13, 2020 -

So, here we are . . . firmly embedded in the depths of the dog days. There’s nothing like late July and early August in Baltimore. You sweat when you walk out to get the mail, have trouble sleeping at night since you keep sticking to the sheets, and can’t sit down on your car… Read more »

Guess It Comes With The Territory

July 14, 2020 -

So, the first field season of BBA3 (see my blog entry from June 17th) will begin winding down over the next few weeks. Sure, there are a handful of species–many of the raptors, woodpeckers, Corvids (crows and jays), wrens, several of our sparrows–that continue breeding through August, but for the vast majority of Maryland’s birds–and… Read more »

Lepidoptera 101

July 6, 2020 -

As an avid birder, I’ve come across many over the years who share my interest but also extend their fascination with colorful flying critters to butterflies, as well. Particularly if one dabbles in photography, there’s a natural progression from snapping pictures of brightly-hued feathered wings to brightly-hued scaly ones. In fact, the sequence often goes… Read more »

Random Musings

June 26, 2020 -

Ah, these early weeks of summer!  Humid days, cool evenings, lots of rain, and critters out in force . . . what’s not to love about nature at its busiest time of year?   CHUBBY CHEEKS — I led a guided bird hike last week with a lovely family of three, including an energetic and… Read more »

What’s all this talk about BBA3?

June 17, 2020 -

There’s an on-going joking banter between my wife and me. To be clear, she does not share my passion for waking up early, trudging through mud, tolerating mosquitoes and occasional ticks, and skipping lunch–all in the name of seeking to find unusual feathered fauna in unlikely places. Crazy her, huh? To be fair, she is… Read more »

The Thrill of Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

June 4, 2020 -

Now that the calendar has turned from May to June, we have truly entered the breeding season for most Maryland birds–and most wildlife, in general.  Depending on how far they traveled this spring and how long they’ve been back to set up territories, some species are building nests, others laying eggs, for some, young are… Read more »

My Least Favorite Invasive Species… And Why

May 30, 2020 -

In last week’s blog, I focused on the havoc that just a handful of invasive species have wreaked on the native biodiversity of the Mid-Atlantic states, particularly in the Chesapeake Bay region, over recent decades.  Beyond those top headliners, there are dozens of other cases (among the better known are English Ivy, the Japanese Beetle,… Read more »