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EAT, DRINK & LEARN: Wolves Demystified

April 27, 2023 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

$55 – $70

Part of Irvine’s 7-part Adult Lecture Series – Eat, Drink & Learn

Wolves Demystified: The True Nature of North America’s Most Controversial Predator

Wolves have been plagued by myth and misinformation for centuries. This has led to conservation issues across the globe, but it has also led to wolves being improperly handled as household pets. At the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania, gray wolves and wolf-dogs are given back their dignity. The sanctuary, located in Lititz, PA, has been rescuing these mysterious and misunderstood creatures since 1980. Currently the sanctuary is home to 55 gray wolves and wolf-dogs. Through guided tours they also seek to dispel some of the common myths about wolves and provide a more accurate and respectful image of this keystone species. Learn more about the Wolves of Speedwell and about the true nature of the gray wolf in “Wolves Demystified”.

Signature Drink: WHISKEY

Guest Presenter: Michelle Mancini, Education Coordinator, Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania
Thursday, April 27th

  • Member $390 per person
  • Non-member $455 per person
  • Member $60 per person
  • Non-member $70 per person

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Michelle Mancini has had an interest and a passion for gray wolf conservation for most of her life. She received her Master of Environmental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania where she studied the social, political, and environmental impact of gray wolf reintroduction to Yellowstone National Park. She started volunteering at Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania ten years ago and has been Education Coordinator there for the past six years. She still volunteers her time on Saturdays to help with the care and feeding of the wolves and to help give guided educational tours.