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Ending with a Splash!

June 15, 2018 - Eco-Explorers, Latest

As the Spring sessions of Eco-Explorers come to a close, students are getting ready for their long awaited summer vacation! Reflecting over the different themes and sessions this Spring, there are so many awesome memories that will stay with students through the summer. Students will remember meeting Irvine’s animal ambassadors such as the corn snake or the box turtle, and touching their scales for the first time! They will remember the excitement they felt when interacting with nature, whether it be catching crayfish in the stream or conquering their fear of holding a gooey worm. Most importantly, students will remember the friendships that they made with one another, and how they came together every week as Eco-Explorers to learn about nature.

Although the Eco-Explorers sessions are over for the school year, students are encouraged to keep exploring nature throughout the summer. Irvine offers a wide range of awesome summer camps for all ages to enjoy! So check it out, sign up, and join in on all the fun!