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BGE at Irvine!

July 27, 2015 - Irvine Volunteers

Last week, 11 employees from BGE visited Irvine for a morning of volunteering! Several years ago, BGE volunteers constructed a recreation Native American wigwam on the property. Sadly the wigwam did not survive the heavy storms earlier this summer. Before we rebuild, Irvine staff will reevaluate the design and placement of the wigwam to increase longevity. In the meantime, we had hoped to salvage as many materials as possible for reuse- there is where the fantastic BGE volunteers came in!

The group deconstructed the wigwam and sorted through the bark and support beams to see what could be reused in our longhouse. The longhouse will be covered in strips of tulip poplar bark, so it needs to have a stable foundation! The volunteers reinforced the longhouse frame, and with time to spare, cleared out last year’s 3 Sister’s Garden, and cut back almost half a mile of overgrown trails!

Thanks again to BGE for all of your hard work!