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*VISIONARY WALKS: Experiencing Nature with Greater Awareness
In this outdoor workshop participants will take short hikes to see the woods through the eyes of two local visionaries:

Author and photographer of Blink to SeePat Bernstein, is an expert on pareidolia, the search for hidden images in nature. This pursuit sharpens the senses, stimulates creativity, and enriches interactions with the natural world by heightening awareness and mindfulness.

Chef Chris Amendola of Hampden’s Foraged Eatery actively forages for edibles which grow naturally in the woods of the Maryland Piedmont. He incorporates these local ingredients into the hyper-seasonal cuisine which is the trademark of his exciting new café.

Walk with these inspirational artists and learn to take a much closer look, truly appreciating all that nature has to offer. This program is in partnership with The American Visionary Art Museum, and The Baltimore County Commission on Arts and Sciences.
Saturday, June 19
10 am- 12pm
FREE for participants


In this workshop, learn how to correctly identify and harvest wild herbal plants for salves. The properties of different plants will be discussed so you can create a personalized blend as we explore the different methods of creating an infused oil. Each participant will also take home a salve made in class for gentle healing using ingredients harvested at Irvine.
Saturday July 10
$30 per participant


Discover how fire was created for most of human history in this program based at Irvine’s Native American site. This workshop will take you step by step through the process of creating fire from fiction. Participants will make their own bow drill kit and practice using it to create an ember for fire starting. The kit will be yours to take home along with the knowledge on how to use it. Bring water, lunch or snacks, and a small, sharp knife (there will be some available to borrow). The Native American site is a 15-minute walk from the parking lot. Adults (and teens 13+ with accompanying adult)
Saturday July 17
$30 per participant


Take an easy hike around Irvine to see the meadows in all their late summer glory. Discover how to safely harvest wild plants as we discuss their uses and benefits. Then relax as we brew teas (hot and iced) to taste as we discuss how to mix herbs to create distinctive flavors.
Saturday August 21
$10 per participant


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