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Pretend Play!- Forest Dreamers Tuesday/Thursday

The Band must Play On… This group of Forest Dreamers never cease to amaze Mrs. Stephanie and myself! They are continually on the move. In a society that  Continue Reading »

New Places- Forest Dreamers Monday/Wednesdayy

Forest Dreamer Play! Monday was a slow day but one filled with play! We made it to the “salamander circle” where the kids split up into groups exploring  Continue Reading »

Brrrr….It’s COLD out here!

“L” is for LOVE It’s amazing to me the different things that we can find in nature. During the winter months, people often think the forest looks dead  Continue Reading »

See You Later Winter! Forest Dreamers Monday/Wednesday

Cold Wet Snow!! Today was possibly our last snow fall for the season! We gathered in the Glen and enjoyed some snow fun! Snow angels revealed smiley faces  Continue Reading »