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Life of a Falconer Pt. 2

My how time flies… Do you know the feeling where a moment in time seems both so long ago, but also like it was just yesterday? Just a  Continue Reading »

Life of a Falconer

The Art of Falconry *The following views expressed are my own personal views and experiences. Each falconer has their own views and opinions when it comes to the  Continue Reading »

Ways of Wildlife

Only three weeks remain until it’s “So Long to Summer!” This Summer has been a busy one for Irvine Nature Center! Besides day-to-day operations such as animal care,  Continue Reading »

Animal Care Updates from the Animal Caretaker

Many exciting things are occurring in the animal care world at Irvine this month! During the month of May, Irvine begins gearing up for yet another jammed pack  Continue Reading »