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Weekly Green Tip – Help a Friend in Need

September 26, 2013 - Executive Director, Latest

Last year it was Sandy devastating the Northeast and now it is flooding in Colorado.  It is a simple fact in our globalized society that we witness these events in real time and full color and can respond nearly as quickly from great distances.  I can recall after a recent super-cell storm here in Baltimore County how quickly pole trucks from as far away as Georgia and Ohio arrived on the scene.

With the floodwaters in Colorado still subsiding and many residents not yet reconnected with their loved ones, homes, and businesses, it was brought to my attention that a peer nature preschool, much like ours here at Irvine, had suffered horribly.  It would be hard to imagine if that happened here to our classrooms, both inside and out.

Please take a moment and follow the link below to see what has happened to Applesong School and how you may be able to help.  I realize that they may have already reached their modest fundraising goal, but they will need so much more in the weeks and months to come.  Find out how you can help, pitch in for the preschoolers, send them a word of encouragement or some art supplies.

You can read their blog and learn more about there awesome program at the following link: