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Weekly Green Tip – Get Involved!

October 17, 2013 - Executive Director, Latest

To say that the last few weeks here at Irvine have been busy is an understatement to rival any.  We have just finished reviewing our numbers for our two major events and are thrilled to report that both Pumpkins On The Green and PumpkinFest were hugely successful.  In addition to raising funds which will help us continue with our mission, we welcomed many, many newcomers to Irvine.  And once you have experienced the wonder of this incredible place, we know you will be back!

With that in mind, we are gearing up to welcome more visitors to Irvine next weekend for our first Outdoor Nation “OWN It Summit”.  In case you are not a hip, young, environmentally inclined person, let me explain what this great event is all about. Created by The Outdoor Foundation and supported by a diverse coalition of public, private and not-for-profit partners, Outdoor Nation and its community of Outsiders are committed to increasing and expanding youth participation through entertainment, education, engagement and action.

Their conferences target the “millenial” demographic to bring a range of 16-28 year olds together to discuss the barriers keeping them from being the best green citizens they can be. In small groups, they’ll brainstorm and propose some solutions to those barriers, and the whole group will select the best idea. That idea (and the person who comes up with it) will get a $1,500 grant to put it into practice. Following the discussion and identification of a best idea, all of the participants will work together on an outdoor project right here at Irvine.  In addition to the great networking and grant potential, each participant will receive a t-shirt and water bottle as well as breakfast and lunch.  Not a bad deal for a few hours of your time!

For more information about next weekend’s summit here at Irvine, click the link below:

For more information about Outdoor Nation, click the link below:

If you are interested in participating, do not heistate to get in touch directly with us here at Irvine by calling or emailing Beth Lacey Gill, Director of Marketing and Communications, at 443-738-9230 or