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Volunteer of the Month – August 2015

July 30, 2015 - Irvine Volunteers

August’s Volunteer of the Month is Neill Baker! Neill is a rising senior at Stevenson University. This summer, Neill completed his 150-hour capstone internship with Irvine. Everyone who had the opportunity to work with Neill has nothing but great things to say about him!

Katie Roof, Manager of School & Urban Education Programs, said: “Neill has been a fantastic intern this summer! He is the first Naturalist Intern that Irvine has had throughout the summer, and we have definitely kept him busy. He is so eager to help with any kind of project, and goes above and beyond the hours that he needs. He helped out with an entire week of Aquatic Adventures camp, created a brand new trail for a play space outdoors, helps with animal care every Friday, and more! He will be leaving us in the beginning of August, but every time someone uses this amazing new trail we will think of him!”

Congratulations, Neill! We will miss you!

Neill canoeing with campers!