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Volunteer of the Month: April

April 1, 2019 -

Pam recently retired from teaching French at Gilman. Once Pam made an initial commitment to volunteer at Irvine, she went all in! She is now helping with the Nature Preschool, the front desk and taking on incredibly helpful projects with our Nature Store inventory.

“Pam has jumped right in with the Osprey and Dragonfly preschool classes. She is a natural with the preschoolers. Pam’s teaching experience really shows as she engages the children in their play and knows how to spark their curiosity about the natural world. Thank you Pam!” explained Alexia Savold, a teacher who works closely with her. Courtney Sagal agrees, “She has been such a fabulous addition to the Irvine team. She is always so pleasant to work with and tackles the tedious jobs that keep us so organized and running efficiently. I would hire her in a heartbeat! If only we could clone her!”

Pam is courteous, communicative, committed, and consistent. And she is authentically enthusiastic about Irvine and our programs. Pam is self-motivated and always finding ways to help in each of her roles. We are lucky to have her. When Pam’s friend Anna Lincoln Whitehurst heard the news that Pam would be volunteering at Irvine, she said, “I am elated that Pam – a former French teacher for both of my boys – decided to volunteer at Irvine. She was so inspiring as a teacher. I thought how lucky we are to have her as a volunteer. She could make a real difference, and she already has!  I love her enthusiasm for Irvine.”

Pam, from all of us at Irvine, thank you so much for everything you do! We are inspired by you!