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Volunteer of the Month- September 2017!

September 1, 2017 - Irvine Volunteers

September’s Volunteer of the Month is the incredible Adam Powell!

Adam Powell is a wonderful volunteer who has volunteered in many areas of Irvine including as a Youth Program Leader (YPL) at Irvine’s Summer Nature Camp and as an Animal Care Volunteer.

Irvine’s Animal Care & Exhibits Coordinator, Jenna Krebs said, “Adam has been a great addition to the animal care team throughout summer camp! He is not only willing to learn, but to ‘do’. From cleaning animal tanks to feeding the raptors, Adam is always excited and ready to help no matter how dirty or gross the task is. I am happy that he will be continuing his animal care volunteering in our buddy program this fall!”

Irvine’s Director of Operations, Courtney Sagal said, “It has been such a joy watching Adam grow up throughout the past nine years at Irvine. His passion and drive to teach others about the environment is truly remarkable and I could not be more proud of the amazing young adult Adam has become.”

Adam has been not only an incredible individual volunteer, but he has also volunteered as a part of his schools Builder’s Club. His passion for Irvine and the outdoors is astounding!

Congratulations Adam! Thank you for your dedication and commitment to Irvine!