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Volunteer of the Month- October 2017!

September 30, 2017 - Irvine Volunteers

October’s Volunteer of the Month is the awesome Ben Fertig!

Ben Fertig is an incredible volunteer who has volunteered in many areas of Irvine including as a Volunteer Naturalist, Butterfly House Intern, Facilities & Maintenance volunteer, and so much more.

Irvine’s Manager of Public Programs/Naturalist John Tapscott said, “Ben Fertig…he does everything and he wants to do more!” This statement covers exactly what Ben does for Irvine; he always goes above and beyond!

Ben has been a sensational addition to our Irvine volunteer team and has stepped up in multiple areas. His passion for the environment, for Irvine’s mission, and the great outdoors is unbelievable!

Congratulations Ben! Thank you for your dedication and commitment to Irvine!