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Volunteer of the Month- November 2017!

November 1, 2017 - Irvine Volunteers

November’s Volunteer of the Month is the great Megan Frey!

Megan Frey is an incredible volunteer who is a part of Irvine’s newest partnership with Carroll County Public Schools Career Connections program. She has volunteered at Irvine as our Photography Intern this fall.

Irvine’s Manager of Marketing and Communication Makenzie Sterrett said, “Megan has been an amazing volunteer and her pictures are incredible. She has gone out on the trails and photographed our property as well as our programs. Her positive attitude and love of wildlife has made her a perfect fit at Irvine. We are so lucky to have her pictures for our website and published materials. Thank you for your service Megan!”

Megan has been a wonderful addition to our Irvine volunteer team and has become a vital part of our organization. Her passion for wild life, the environment, and for Irvine’s mission is unbelievable!

Congratulations Megan! Thank you for your dedication and commitment to Irvine!