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Volunteer of the Month- July!

July 1, 2017 - Irvine Volunteers

July’s Volunteer of the Month is the incredible Kevin Martins!

Kevin is an amazing volunteer who works for Microsoft and volunteers with our IT department. Kevin works behind-the-scenes to make sure all our equipment works correctly and has helped tremendously in our major transition to Microsoft 365.

Irvine’s Director of Operations, Courtney Sagal, said, “Kevin is going above and beyond to help in the transition process. The thing that makes this relationship so special is how Kevin started. He was a parent of an Eco-Explorer kid at Glyndon Elementary School. His daughter loved eco so much that he reached out to Irvine to get more involved. It shows that cross marketing does work!”

Kevin has v0lunterred many hours with Irvine and we are greatly appreciative of all his hard work.

Congratulations Kevin! Thank you for your dedication and commitment to Irvine!