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Urban Education Featuring John Ruhrah

November 24, 2014 - Urban Education

On Friday November 21st Irvine Nature Center traveled to John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School to teach Nicole Hare’s 3rd grade students about Hearing and Hearing Loss. The students also learned that where an animal’s eyes and ears are on its face help to determine if it is a predator or prey.

These students are fantastic learners and participated in a number of experiments modeling the structure of the human ear and what happens to our inner ear hairs after being exposed to loud noises.




Irvine Nature Center has been partnered with John Ruhrah for three years now to help them transition into becoming a Green School. Over the years we have been in the classroom with Mrs. Hare’s classes teaching them about the environment, and also their curriculum. They have also had the opportunity to come to Irvine Nature Center for a field trip last year. Right now the students are wrapping up on the Unit on “Sounds” and will soon be transitioning into “The Water Cycle”.