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A Trip Back in Time

December 23, 2014 - Urban Education

John Ruhrah 3rd grade students took a trip back in time on December 19, 2014.

Irvine visited John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School for it’s bi-monthly visit, but this visit was not like the others. Irvine brought along a dedicated volunteer, Malcom Gee, to help transform Mrs. Hare’s 3rd grade classroom into a Native American site 400 years past.


The students were able to learn through hands on activities, games, stories, and artifacts what Maryland was like 400 years ago, and who settled the land. They learned how Native Americans used only natural resources to survive, and what a day in the life of a Native American might have been like.

They also played various Native American games that improved their hand eye coordination, accuracy, and reaction time, just as Native American’s children would have done  in the past.