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Target at Irvine!

July 30, 2016 - Irvine Volunteers

This July, two volunteers from Target Westminster visited Irvine for an afternoon of volunteering! Laura and Cece worked on some of the final touches for our eastern screech owl’s new mew. Currently, the screech owl resides in Irvine’s main aviary. However, as a cavity rooster, the owl spends the majority of the day cozied up inside of a nest box. Irvine decided the space would be better used for our kestrel, a diurnal, more social bird of prey.

Using a donated monkey cage, Irvine staff and volunteers have diligently been working to build a new screech owl enclosure behind the aviary. Our Target volunteers worked on clearing the ground where the cage will sit, and reinforcing the netting for the bird’s safety. Like all of our birds of prey, the screech owl was deemed unfit to survive in the wild – but that doesn’t mean we can’t provide her with the most comfortable home possible!

Thank you to the Target team for all of your hard work!