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T. Rowe Price at Irvine

June 16, 2015 - Irvine Volunteers

Last week, 10 employees from T. Rowe Price visited Irvine to volunteer a couple of hours of their time. T. Rowe Price has been a long-time partner of Irvine, so we knew we could put the group to work! The volunteers collected and brought back almost a hundred damaged tree tubes and stakes from our reforestation area. Thinking outside of the box, they used belts and zip-ties in order to make bundles of the tubes and stakes, and were able to carry them all in one trip!

The volunteers also helped power wash 300+ tables and chairs used for Irvine events. Lastly, the group mulched the high-traffic trail by our aviary.

Irvine really does rely on our volunteers- a HUGE thanks to T. Rowe Price for all their hard work!