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Summer Fun!

July 17, 2018 - Eco-Explorers, Latest

It’s the heat of the summer, the kids are out of school, and the weather is, well….HOT! This means plenty of splashing around in the pool and playing in the sprinkler out back. Summer is a time to stay cool and have fun doing different activities. So how can an Eco-Explorer appreciate and learn more about nature in the heat of the summer? Here are some awesome and simple summer activities for you and your child to do during this season:

  1. Visit a Local Park/Nature Center: There are plenty of beautiful locations in Maryland to take your child in the summer. You can see different animals, take part in specific nature programs, or have a picnic under the shade. If you are thinking of going on a hike and want to avoid the heat, try an early morning hike. Not only will it be much cooler, but the birds will be awake and singing to you as you make your trek!
  2. Gardening: Kids love to get their hands dirty! Get some soil and native pollinator plants from the gardening store. Plant some flowers in your garden, and watch as they grow! This is a great activity to deepen environmental stewardship in kids, learn about the importance of local pollinators, and learn about photosynthesis! If you don’t have a garden area, planting some flowers in a pot will work just as well.
  3. Go Camping: Camping is a wonderful experience for kids and adults! Find a local campsite, and bring your tent and all of your camping gear and food supplies. Don’t forget the s’mores! Camping is a great opportunity for kids to be fully immersed in nature. They will love the experience of telling stories by the fire, making s’mores, learning how to set up a tent for the first time, and listening to frogs, owls, and crickets as they fall asleep for the night.




There are many different ways to explore and grow an appreciation for nature during the summer time.  Once the summer time comes to a close, the Eco-Explorers will be excited to return and continue learning about nature in the Fall! Happy Summer and Happy Exploring!