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Having Snow Much Fun!

March 17, 2017 - Eco-Explorers

A little snow didn’t stop these explorers!  This week, our Eco-Explorers spent time outside conducting science experiments involving snow and the cold weather! 

What happens to an inflated balloon when left out in the cold??  We began our walk with a fully inflated balloon, and by the time we went back inside, the balloon had partially deflated!  The students learned that the cold temperatures condensed the warm air molecules inside the balloon, causing the balloon to deflate. 

How do arctic animals keep themselves warm??  Eco-Explorers discovered the benefits of blubber by creating a glove full of Crisco.  By wearing the glove, they could stick their hands in the snow and not feel the cold!  Their hands were kept warm by the extra layer of fat! We then brainstormed the different animals that use blubber to stay warm.

While we had snow much fun exploring and experimenting in winter, we are looking forward to warmer weather and more time to spend outside exploring nature!