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Service Learning Program: Friends School of Baltimore

November 3, 2016 - Irvine Volunteers

This November, 21 students and 2 faculty from the Friends School of Baltimore joined Irvine for an afternoon of Service Learning. The group worked on removing the Invasive Species: Japanese Stiltgrass from the Irvine Property.

First, the Friends School of Baltimore went on an Educational Invasive Species Hike with our Chesapeake Conservation Corp Member, Haley Schanne. During this hike, the students and faculty learned about the most common invasive species on the Irvine property, why invasive species are a problem, why we should remove invasive species and much more.

Then after lunch, the students and faculty removed 34 trash bags worth of Japanese Stiltgrass from the Headwaters Trail at Irvine! The students and faculty worked hard and diligently to remove this highly invasive species from Irvine.

Thank you Friends School of Baltimore for your effort and determination!