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Scott Walters’ Eagle Scout Project

January 12, 2016 - Irvine Volunteers

Feel that chill in the air this morning? Winter has finally arrived! With a new season comes many changes in our natural world. This winter, scout Scott Walters of Troop 124 gave Irvine and its visitors a new way to document seasonal changes on the property!

Scott completed his Eagle Scout project by designing and installing 6 photo spots along the trails in various scenic locations. Visitors can place their phones or cameras in line with the bracket, and follow the instructions to post to social media. Scott chose the locations he thought would have the most interesting changes over the course of one year, like the meadow overlook, or many years, such as the reforestation and wetland restoration areas. Once visitors have uploaded their photos, Irvine will compile a continually updating time lapse slideshow, available on our website (more information on this exciting project to come!). This is a fantastic citizen science initiative that any visitor with a cellphone can take part in.

Scott and his troop did not stop there! Anticipating a wet winter and spring, Scott and his team constructed 5 boardwalk planks to place on our seasonally wet trails. These boardwalks can be a lifesaver for visitors who might otherwise not get to explore a particular area. They also double as a habitat for critters such as toads and salamanders, who can remain under them undisturbed.

Congratulations to Scott, and a huge thank you from Irvine!