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Rethinking Urban Environmental Education

October 29, 2013 - Latest, Teacher Support

I wanted to share an inspiring urban environmental education article I recently read. Adam Kessel, a teacher in urban ecology education programs in Chicago, recently wrote an article called, “CITIZEN SCIENCE AND THE POWER OF TRIBAL DIVERSITY: Rethinking Urban Environmental Education in Chicago.” Mr. Kessel worked to serve his community, the Indigenous (Native American) community of Chicago, by bringing in members from many different tribes to create a culturally based science curriculum. Through this process, he discovered that the land, an often overlooked resource, is our classroom. The process brought members of the community together, not just because they were collecting data outside, but also because they were creating knowledge and sharing experiences together. Their dedication in working together made the culturally based science curriculum possible. Community support is crucial in making important, lasting changes. It’s inspiring that the land, our classroom, brought that community together.

You can find the article here.