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Nature Weaving Loom

July 14, 2016 - Irvine Volunteers

Does nature bring out your artistic side? Between Irvine’s Outdoor Classroom and Play Trail, we hope to inspire learners of all ages to interact with nature in many different ways. This year’s Nature Preschool Conference attendees constructed an outdoor weaving loom to be used by our creative preschool students, campers, and visitors! After choosing two trees an appropriate distance apart, the volunteers cleared out the invasive vines that were overtaking the area. They found downed branches to complete the frame, and attached them with biodegradable rope that will stretch to allow the trees to grow. Lastly, they strung durable nylon cord between the two branches, and used the vines we had pulled to test out the completed loom!

Attendees also added some upgrades to the 2013 NPC service-project, the Bug Hotel. They added “toad abodes” made from flower pots and large tree cookies with holes drilled in to attract wood-boring bees.

These two features are open to public use, and can be found along Irvine’s trails!