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Morning Exploration!

April 17, 2017 - Eco-Explorers, Latest

New this spring!  Eco-Explorers is now offered before school!  Students at Sparks Elementary can enjoy outdoor exploration after school AND in the morning!

These explorers took a morning hike to the stream and found frogs and lots of microinvertebrates!  While on their hike, they also saw many birds and butterflies!  All a good sign of spring!

Did you know??  Walking in the morning guarantees that you stay alert throughout the day. Along with your body, it energizes your mind as well. Walking improves blood circulation which means that a greater amount of oxygen reaches the brain. This leads to improved mental faculties and better powers of recollection.

These Eco-Explorers are ready for a day in the classroom after their hike to the stream!  Join our Explorers and get outside to enjoy this beautiful weather!