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July Volunteers of the Month

August 3, 2018 - Irvine Volunteers, Latest

This summer, we have been so lucky to have so many wonderful volunteers giving their time, talents, and skills to Irvine. We’ve had so many outstanding helpers that when it came time to choose just one volunteer for the month of July, we couldn’t do it. So this month, we have not one but TWO Volunteers of the Month.

Chris Bell is a fantastic and strong volunteer. Chris helps with whatever is needed whenever it is needed. You can regularly see Chris throughout all 210 acres of Irvine with his characteristic Camelback doing everything from picking up trash throughout all 7.5 miles of our trails and parking lot to removing Oriental Bittersweet and other invasive species to setting up our Native American site to cleaning up our Kid’s Korner. Mild mannered and always eager to help, Chris is a valuable member of our volunteer community. Thank you Chris for everything you do to make everyone’s experience at Irvine a pleasant one!


Darleen DiGirolamo has been (and continues to be) the driving force behind keeping the butterfly house open this summer! She not only keeps the caterpillars fed (with her own maple leaves nonetheless!), but she has spruced up the entrance with flowers and native plants. Darlene caught butterflies and educated visitors as they passed through the Butterfly House. This season wouldn’t have been possible without Darleen’s strong presence during the week. Thank you Darleen for being so flexible and motivated even after being thrust into a new learning experience!