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It’s Time for Hibernation

December 2, 2015 - Latest, Urban Education

New Song Academy learns how animals adapt to survive the winter time.

Some animals brave it through the cold winter here in Maryland, while others hibernate in many different places. New Song’s 2nd and 3rd grade students learned which animals hibernate in Maryland, and also where they choose to do so. Students researched how animals prepare for the winter time as well. Different animal behaviors we discussed include how squirrels collect seeds and nuts, which frogs dig deep beneath the earth to hibernate, and why bears gorge themselves on food before the cold winter approaches.

The students even had a chance to go outside and look for animals in their outdoor classroom and find where they would choose to hibernate!

Also, they learned what other options animals have when the days start to get shorter and the food sources start to vanish. Some animals migrate to a different location, adapt to the cold by changing their food source, caching food or thickening their fur. How would you hibernate?