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It’s a new year! A new year of resolutions and goals!

January 2, 2014 - Executive Director, Latest

As we ring in the New Year, I find it important to take a moment to reflect upon the last year, a year of change!  Over the past year, the Irvine Staff and volunteers have done AMAZING things together! Without the help of committed volunteers, Irvine wouldn’t have been able to achieve such amazing tasks this year, such as the planning of the 1st Annual Tree Hugger 5K, expanding the Native American Site to educate young students, welcoming a record number of families at Pumpkinfest (even on a rainy weekend), and selling out of adult education programs, birthday parties and preschool programs. The list could go on and on!!

In all, volunteers gave 4,280 hours of their time! With the value of a volunteer in Maryland being $23.05/hour, this means YOU saved Irvine over $98,675. The value of volunteers to Irvine? PRICELESS!!

The volunteer department has BIG plans for the coming year, a year of goals! We want to challenge Irvine volunteers to double the amount of hours from last year, helping us to reach our goal of 8,600 hours for 2014!!

Have a friend, colleague or family member that would like to join the cause? Send them our way- we always love to welcome new smiling faces!

Happy New Year to all of our wonderful volunteers- I look forward to working with you to reach our goals for 2014!