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Introducing: Irvine Nature Navigators!

November 13, 2019 - Latest, Support Irvine

Whether you’ve been engaged with Irvine for a long time or just recently became involved as a visitor or participant in one of our educational programs, we invite you to become part of the Irvine Nature Navigators, a new community of members supporting our mission to educate and inspire through nature.

To become an Irvine Nature Navigator, you don’t need hiking boots, a map, backpack, binoculars or a compass. All you need is a fondness for Irvine and a passion for nature. Just as you establish a deeper connection with nature when you traverse along Irvine’s hiking trails, you now have the opportunity to create a deeper connection with Irvine through this unique philanthropic giving program.

Everyone is welcome and it’s easy to join. Just like you would choose a hiking trail based upon distance or difficulty, you can choose a giving level that works for you and highlights the way you want to experience Irvine. Whatever level you choose, you can be confident
that you are making a meaningful investment in the future of this very special place.

Every giving level provides you with a year’s worth of wonderful benefits and opportunities to experience Irvine in a new way:

By becoming an Irvine Nature Navigator, you are making it possible for Irvine to:

• Remain open and free to the public every day, all year long
• Offer over 850 environmental education programs
• Maintain our glorious 210-acre property of wetlands, woodlands and meadows
• Care for our more than 50 animal ambassadors
• Provide a restorative outdoor space for nature therapy
• Introduce children to nature both on our property and in schools

We’d love to welcome you and your family into the Nature Navigator Community! Sign up and hit the ground running with our December Nature Navigators/Members Only event, Capes, Critters & Cookies. It’s FREE for our current Members and our new Nature Navigators. Then come back each month for a new program with Irvine’s Naturalists and enjoy cool perks like discounts and other experiences.

We hope to see you and your family our in nature and navigating our trails this season!