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High School Teachers! Interested in Promoting Sustainability?

March 4, 2014 - Latest, Support Irvine

The Lexicon of Sustainability is a project dedicated to teach people basic terms and principles that define sustainability so they can live more sustainable lives. The project is looking for high school teachers to participate in a new school program to promote sustainable economic, cultural and social progress in their communities through Project Localize. Project Localize teaches students to create and share art that documents sustainable agriculture methods. The goal is that future generations can teach America how to improve our food system, one town at a time. The art is promoted in Pop Up Shows organized by students for the community. Selected teachers/schools will collaborate on Project Localize and will receive financial and mentoring support from the Lexicon of Sustainability, along with a Lexicon of Sustainability curriculum, taxonomy, video tutorials for creating information artworks, a regional food mapping system blueprint, a public event planner and the chance to win the Lexicon of Sustainability Excellence in Education prize in 2014. Nominate a teacher today!